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Introducing the Alexander Technique, Now at Stillpoint Therapeutics!

Featuring Rebecca Poole, M.F.A., m.AmSAT, m.VASTA

Nationally-Certified Instructor

The F.M. Alexander Technique is something you learn, as well as an educational approach. Lessons in it teach a unique way of looking at your patterns of habitual tension and how they affect you in activity, while also giving you common sense tools to make change on your own.  Alexander Technique is used to address issues like: pain management, anxiety disorders, musculoskeletal conditions, vocal fry, and breathing problems.

Alexander Technique is offered at Mayo Clinic, The Center for Integrative Medicine at the University of Pittsburgh Medical Center (UPMC), and the JCC/NYU in Manhattan.

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Rebecca Poole’s teaching certification is via the American Society for the Alexander Technique, which requires 1600-in-person class hours over a minimum of three years.

She is one of fifteen AmSAT-certified teachers in all of Ohio and one of three AmSAT-certified teachers in NE Ohio, having earned her AmSAT certificate in 2006. 

Rebecca also has extensive performing arts experience and currently teaches at Kent State’s School of Theatre and Dance.


Rebecca Poole will be at Stillpoint on Mondays, Tuesdays, and Thursdays.

You can schedule with Rebecca online here.


Stillpoint is also happy to assist you with the scheduling process.

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